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    Ginger – firing up energy, attracting money and love. The heat of the ginger essential oil will spice up all magical incantations, especially love spells. Placing only one drop of ginger on the tongue before speaking an incantation will ensure the message gets to the gods in a speedy and clear manner. Rubbed on money, it will help you not burn through money as the fire frequency will already be established.

    Juniper – strengthens the God energy. Used in love potions and for spiritual protection. Juniper increases potency of the male when used in bedroom ritual. Burn some essential oil in an aroma lamp before bed while honoring the masculine energy (Godhead). Juniper can also be burned to keep away evil and unwanted spirits or to banish (exorcise) earth-bound ghosts. This oil helps release repressed emotions with ritual intention.

    Lemon – Cleansing, clearing, purifying. Lemon is a great essential oil to use in any spell or incantation where you want to get rid of something. Put a few drops of lemon essential oil in water and bathe anything that you want cleansed of negativity, especially jewelry, crystals or other magical objects. Bathing in a bath of lemon essential oil will purify the body of unwanted vibrations. Lemon is believed to encourage fidelity, so a few drops in the washing machine will not only cleanse undesirable energy, but will keep your loved one close to home and get rid of the wandering eye.

    Geranium – protection and healing. The geranium has a very difference vibration than that of garlic. It is much more attuned to protecting through guidance rather than shunning away. Geranium essential oil can heighten the intuitive centers to alert you to disharmony in approaching frequencies and assist you in steering clear of disaster. Working with the essential oil in ritual is a soft and gentle energy and must be respected and honored if the spell is to work.

    Garlic – protection, healing. The powers of garlic are well know to keep away evil spirits and to cleanse the environment of low astral energies. Garlic essential oil has a very strong odor so should be used sparingly if spritzing it or rubbing it on thresholds. It might keep more than spirits at bay!

    Frankincense – purification and protection. I have always characterized the energy of frankincense as one that leads you to the edge of a cliff, and while you’re there teetering, Frankie pushes you off into a freefall. Just when you think you’re doomed, Frankie then catches you and floats you to the bottom, safe and sound, The essence of this oil challenges you to dare and go outside your comfort zone. But also protects you once you are there. You can invoke powerful consequences, all the while being supported and looked after by the higher beings. Use frankincense in any ritualistic way, either by burning it in an aroma lamp or on a candle. Bathe in it, spritz it. No matter what form you choose to use it in, Frankie will bring results – so watch your thought patterns and be very specific with your intentions and incantations.

    Fennel – cleansing energies, releasing fears. As a diuretic, fennel cleanses and supports the kidneys, and because the kidneys energetically hold fear, fennel can therefore help alleviate the energy of fear. Placed in a carrier oil and massaged over the kidneys while visualizing courage, strength and valor, the essential oil will cleanse and clear fear from a cellular level and will heighten the frequency of the aura.

    Cypress- assists the death process, longevity. Cypress, when added to cream and rubbed on skin, can support those going through the transition of death. On the one dying, it can balance and protect the spirit through to the afterlife, and for those left behind, it can ease the pain of grief and loss. Cypress can be used in healing to cleanse an afflicted area and bring better health and longevity to the body. See yourself strong and young and eternal when using cypress.

    Birch- for protection and exorcism. In olden days possessed people were beaten with birch sticks to rid the body of evil spirits. Now, when feeling negative forces clinging onto the aura, bathe in or spray birch essential oil on you, sending up the intention that all evil and unwanted spirits depart. Then see a sphere or shell around you and imagine it filled with the scent of birch to maintain protection.

    The mystical use of herbs in certain settings and for certain reasons has been used for centuries. During the Elizabethan era of Tudor England, it was common place to use herbs rather than flowers during ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, or elevations of status to bless the special occasion. However, the meanings and specialized uses for particular herbs varies over the entire world and over time. To suggest for helpful herbs though, here are some useful herbs from different cultures from history to try out on your malevolent ghost. Even though most people think garlic is merely for vampires, it is actually a protective herb for all evil spirits. All you need is a single clove (not a giant bulb) placed at points of entry that need protection, doorways as well as windows. If you are the particular subject of the spirit’s actions instead of just the room, feel free to keep a clove in your pocket. A bag of protection can also be made from herbs that will be helpful. A small amount of cinnamon, five-finger grass, ague weed, and sage in a pouch that you place at thresholds or carry with you will most certainly protect from evil spirits. Sage in general is renowned for its ability to cleanse any malicious presences. Merely burning sage in a doorway and windows of the haunted room are thought to provide a very strong barrier for particular evil spirits while allowing good spirits to pass.

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