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    Until We Bleed | Kleerup ft. Lykke Li

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    “‘Moon River’ was written for her. No one else had ever understood it so completely. There have been more than a thousand versions of ‘Moon River’, but hers is unquestionably the greatest" - Henry Mancini

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    Let us be enraged about injustice, but let us not be destroyed by it.
    — Bayard Rustin (via diablitachingonsita)

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    In the ongoing battle between the NSA and Edward Snowden, the events of this week have tipped the balance toward the whistleblower. First there was Monday’s federal court ruling declaring that the NSA’s bulk phone records collection program is likely unconstitutional. Then, there was the White House review panel’s 46 recommendations to reform the NSA, including limiting bulk phone record collection. Overall, it was a week of vindication for Snowden, and a disastrous week for the NSA. RT’s Sam Sacks reports.

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La Dispute - Andria (x)

    La Dispute - Andria (x)

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